B2B Marketing with Video

With the cost of producing online video lower than ever, it's a great time to leverage this new channel for marketing communications.

Download now and learn Marketing strategies for:

  • The core drivers behind online video
  • Strategic applications across the customer lifecycle
  • Real-world examples of how some Marketers are using online video
  • Key considerations for video production and publishing
  • Five concrete steps to start using video today

In the past two years online video has transformed the communications landscape for business marketers. Savvy business-to-business marketers are using video across the customer lifecycle from generating awareness to advocacy-driving better results and greater return from their online marketing investments. The growth of online video has been explosive, and the marketers taking advantage of this medium are leapfrogging their competition with communications that break through the clutter and connect with prospects and customers.

This white paper will give you a comprehensive framework with real-world examples on how you can incorporate video into your online marketing mix and impact your customers at every stage in the customer lifecycle.

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