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Over the last few years, bandwidth-intensive rich media have become core to interactive experiences on the Web. As the Web matures, the basic basic building-blocks of webpages (HTML) are finally updating to make rich media assets like video native to the Web.

The next generation of W3C standards promises to usher in new levels of interactivity and interoperability across all browsers, but the transformation won't happen overnight. This in-depth report covers everything you need to know about the current and future state of emerging standards for cross-platform online video delivery.

Download the report now and learn about

  • What HTML5 really is
  • How HTML5 makes video a core website element
  • Why HTML5 is important today
  • How HTML5 introduces new complexity
  • What the current limitations are for HTML5
  • How Brightcove Video Cloud supports HTML5 video
  • Best practices for HTML5 video with Video Cloud
  • Handy HTML5 resources list

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HTML5 Video

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