The Rise of Content App Platforms

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From mobile devices to social networks to connected TV, apps are transforming the way content is published. The "appification of everything" gives publishers powerful new ways to reach consumers, build loyalty, and generate revenue—but it also poses considerable challenges that can't be addressed through traditional development methods. To capitalize fully on the content app opportunity, publishers need a new way to deliver and maintain apps across the full range of platforms and devices while controlling costs and minimizing complexity.

This white paper introduces the content app platform (CAP), a new category of cloud software and services developed to address the challenges posed by the new world of apps. By reducing cost and complexity through full app lifecycle management, from development to ongoing operations, a CAP helps publishers create compelling apps across platforms faster, at a lower cost.

Download the white paper now and learn about:

  • The booming market for content apps, including native smartphone and tablet apps, mobile web experiences, social network apps, and apps on connected TV and OTT
  • Challenges posed by fragmentation across devices and platforms, such as rising costs and competition for developers with specialized skills
  • The debate between proprietary app platforms and open technologies, and why both HTML5 and native code will both continue to play an important role
  • Hybrid app development, a best-of-both-worlds approach used by companies like LinkedIn, Netflix, Microsoft, Facebook, and AMC
  • Characteristics of a content app platform, including open standards, development tools, and cloud services
  • The impact of CAPs on content app development in terms of development talent, workflows, and the way publishers can leverage their content assets
  • Brightcove App Cloud, a pioneering CAP which provides comprehensive development tools as well as cloud services to simplify the development of hybrid content apps


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