Maximize the Return
on Your Online Video Investments

From large enterprises to startups, nonprofits to brand marketers, educational institutions to governments - and, yes, media companies - video serves as a crucial channel to drive business objectives and organizational missions. It is no wonder that video now accounts for nearly 50 percent ofconsumer internet traffic.

Video Strategy Framework Whitepaper

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In this whitepaper you will learn:

The role of online video
in your business

Priorities to increase
your success rate

How to self evaluate your
online video strategy

The Brightcove Video Strategy Framework

The Brightcove Video Strategy Framework will help your company achieve more business value using online video. This whitepaper addresses every part of a complete online video strategy:

bullet Mix: refers to the blend of on-demand and live video programming that you offer on your online properties.
bullet Quantity: just as it sounds, quantity refers to the amount of video in your library.
bullet Quality: quality encompasses two things: the quality of the video content you produce, and the quality of the experience in which it is viewed.
bullet Discovery: refers to the ways your audience finds your content. This can include on-site search, search engine optimization (SEO) for public search engines, and discovery via social sharing.

bullet Distribution: distribution involves reaching out beyond your own properties to third-party sites through syndication and marketing partners.
bullet Devices: the devices used to view video have spread far beyond the desktop to include mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as Connected TV platforms that take online video into the living room.
bullet Monetization: monetization connects video strategy to business strategy through mechanisms such as advertising, calls-to-action, and premium content.
bullet Analytics: encompassing every element of your video strategy, analytics provides vital data and insight to help you evaluate and optimize your online video performance.

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