Video Marketing Across the Customer Journey

Which Video Goes Where?

You already possess video marketing assets and have more in development, but knowing how to match them with various audiences across new channels can be a challenge. In Chapter 4, the continuation of our definitive guide to video marketing mastery, we’ll teach you:

  1. What needs to be said? Write the story you want to tell in two sentences.
  2. How many videos will be created? (How will they differ in messaging, tone, and content?
  3. What is the desired action after watching each video? Have you told your viewer what to do next? How do these activities map through customer lifecycle stages?

Want the rest? These are just a few of our Hero’s Guiding Principles — tactical video marketing prompts. Dig in to get more guidance; we’ll explain how to create videos for each stage of the customer lifecycle, where to distribute them, and what key performance indicators to measure. Plus, take advantage of our five planning sheets which will guide you at-a-glance.