Defeat Ad Blockers. Optimize Ad Delivery. Maximize Revenue.

Brightcove Lift™ is a powerful ad optimization solution to defeat ad blockers, increase revenue, and deliver a premium TV-like viewing experience across all connected platforms. Lift™ combines server-side ad insertion (SSAI) with the industry-leading HTML5 player to enable broadcasters and publishers to drive dramatic increases in ad deliverability and inventory while still supporting client side interactivity and industry-leading reporting and analytics.

Maximize Ad Delivery and Enhance Viewing Experiences
  • Defeat ad blockers and achieve higher ad delivery and revenue across platforms
  • Ensure highest quality playback experience by minimizing ad error rates and breakage
  • Extend reach and increase inventory by delivering mid-rolls
  • Deliver a TV-like quality experience to the digital video viewer
  • Enhance engagement and monetization through client-side interactivity—countdown timers, trick play, companion ads, and more

At Vox Media, providing a high-quality audience experience is very important to all of our brands. With our previous OVP, we faced severe issues on Android, ranging from slow video load times to complete playback failure. As a result, we chose to turn off ad delivery in an attempt to preserve user experience. With Brightcove Lift™, we've seen significantly improved quality and consistency in the video playback experience across mobile devices, which allowed us to re-enable ad delivery.”

—Brendan Murphy, Product Manager, Video, Vox Media