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Zencoder 4K Ultra High Definition Cloud TranscodingBETA

Delivering better-looking video without drastically increasing file size

Media companies can now transcode 4K UHD video for delivery across multiple platforms with Zencoder 4K Ultra High Definition Cloud Transcoding.

Zencoder 4K UHD includes support for 4K resolutions and components needed for high dynamic range (HDR) video and employs next-generation video compression technology to enable content creators and publishers to deliver more immersive content without drastically increasing the total library size.


Experience more immensive video

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4K Ultra HD resolution means picture quality is enhanced by reducing gaps between pixels, creating a more detailed, immersive, and realistic entertainment experience.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) produces greater contrast between light and dark images and gives a more natural look to colors, bringing visual content closer to what an actual human eye can see.


Higher resolution and greater color representation mean more data, which is where high compression video codecs come in.

Zencoder supports both next-generation codecs — HEVC/H.265 and VP9 making it possible to deliver more data without drastically increasing the file size.


Zencoder is the leader in live and cloud-based transcoding.

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