Video Talks: Reach Over 30 Million New Devices

Reach new consumers on the Amazon Echo Show®

Alexa is already responding to requests on over 30 million devices, from the Echo to the Fire. Now you can quickly and cost-effectively build your own Alexa skill for Amazon's newest device, the Echo Show® with Brightcove's Jump Start.

We offer a cost-effective solution to quickly build and go to market with a rich consumer video experience on the Amazon Echo Show®.

Brightcove Jump Start for Echo Show®

We’ll help you connect the industry-leading Video Cloud platform with the new Echo Show®. Features include:

  • Creation of a voice-enabled video experience optimized for Echo Show® and customized to the content owner’s brand. Jump Start allows you to expand the reach of your content across this new category of devices and enables browsing and video playback of content through Amazon’s “Alexa” digital assistant.

  • Access to our world-class consulting team for advice on Echo Show® and Brightcove technology strategy, best practices, and voice interaction design, drawn from our expertise in powering marketing-leading Alexa Skill® experiences.

  • Video experience powered by Video Cloud's industry-leading video services for content management, high-performance playback, and discoverability.

Brightcove SSAI

Want ads? Brightcove SSAI (formerly known as Once) dynamically stitches targeted ads into your content on the server and delivers both as one continuous stream. With SSAI, you’ll deliver a better viewing experience to your audience by eliminating buffering, and preserve your revenue. Brightcove SSAI allows you to boost reach and engagement with a monetized, TV-like experience across every screen, including the new Echo Show®.